Rodarte for Target

Eagerly anticipating the Rodarte for Target diffusion line. I just came off the unbelievable high of scoring the Jimmy Choo for H&M leather leggings and now this. Some complain about the quality of these lines but I just enjoy getting my hands on a little piece of genius. Plus there is something a little quaint about it right?

Photos of the collection have been slowly trickling out. Drip drip, Chinese water torture pace. Pictured below are two jewels. I predict these will be the "must haves" at least of what I've managed to preview thus far.
Adore the tongue and cheek look of the sequin skeletal rib cage dress. I will probably shorten it a bit and wear it with tights and edgy wedges. The nude dress is simply perfection. I'll toss a jean jacket or black blazer over that one with a fierce pair booties to contrast with the uber feminine feel of that dress.
Consider yourself warned that there will not be a ton of stock since retailers have been cutting orders lately to reduce inventory.

Photo Credit: tFS


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